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Strip Door Energy Savings: Simplified.

Energy Savings Calculator

PVC strip doors are truly an economical solution for effective dividing areas for the purposes of temperature and environmental control. To help show just how valuable strip doors are to energy savings, we've developed an Energy Savings Calculator to show you, down to the dollar amount, exactly how much installing a strip door could save you on a daily basis. You'll see just how quickly a Save-T strip door will not only pay for itself, but save you on an ongoing basis.

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Calculate the Strips in Your Strip Door

PVC Strip Calculator

Whether you have an existing strip door that needs replacement PVC strips or are looking in install one, knowing how many strips an opening requires is vital. With's PVC Strip Calculator, you'll be able to determine how many PVC strips you'll need based on your strip door specifications.

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Quote The Strip Door You Want

Save-T Solutions strip doors can be quoted through our parent company's site, Simply visit and choose the strip door to meet your needs and specifications. TMI, LLC: Managing Environments