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Energy Loss Calculator for Traffic Doors

Every open doorway allows for air to flow through. A strip door blocks at least 65% (conservatively) of air passing through a doorway. The Result? Strip Doors = Energy Savings. With less conditioned and/or heated air escaping through open doorways energy costs will go down.

The calculator below will show you the daily cost of each open doorway – thus how much money you'll save every single day by installing a Save-T Solutions strip door.

Door Size (in feet)

Average Wind Speed

Cubic Feet Per Minute

Temperature Differential


BTU Loss Formulas

Hourly BTU Loss

Daily BTU Loss

Energy to Cost Conversions

Heat Type
Daily Cost Per Opening
X $

* Please consult the National Weather Service if you're unsure.
† Based on an air temperature of 70° F and .057 pounds per cubic foot density. As the temperature drops, density increases and the constant will be higher than 1.08. For example, at 15° F, the value should be approximately 1.29.
‡ This is available from your local utility provider. TMI, LLC: Managing Environments