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Why Use a Strip Door?

PVC strip doors offer a multitude of long-term benefits and advantages. Save-T Solutions offers a large variety of types of PVC strips and strip door hardware equaling thousands of strip door combinations to successfully and economically manage your environment.

View all of Save-T Solutions strip door offerings in TMI's Strip Door Catalog.

Choose the Right PVC Strip for Your Strip Door Application

  Warehouse Doors Forklift Traffic Doors to Outside Temperature Control Welding Freezer Doors Cooler Doors Personnel Doors Insect Control Safety Food Safety Clean Rooms Privacy Blast Freezers
Flat Clear Standard              
Ribbed Clear Standard                
Standard Low Temperature            
USDA Low Temperature              
Extra Low Temperature            
USDA Low Temperature Reinforced              
USDA Low Temperature Ribbed              
Insect Control Yellow                
Insect Control Yellow Ribbed                  
Safety Orange                  
Safety Orange Ribbed                  
Opaque White                
Opaque Black                
Amber Weld Screen                  
Aztec Red Weld Screen                  
Dark Green Weld Screen                  
Ocean Blue Tinted                    
Charcoal Tinted                      

Strip Doors …

Strip doors and strip curtains, when used in the right application, can allow businesses to save hundreds to thousands of dollars in energy savings each year. Many payback periods for Save-T Strip Doors are as quick as three months!

Curious to see just how much money installing a strip door can save you? Check out our Energy Savings Calculator.

How to Choose the Right Strip Door for Your Application

The size and width of your strip door varies by the overall door size and the traffic levels. For light pedestrian traffic, 6" or 8" wide strips are common. Larger door openings with high traffic levels may require 12" or 16" wide strips.

For a complete breakdown of PVC strip type based on application, refer to the chart to the right. TMI, LLC: Managing Environments